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$ocial $wap $hop ~ About Us
The goal here is to bring the buyers to the sellers and present them with a super simple platform to use. If you have one item or a whole yard full of items to sell, post the information here.

$ocial $wap $hop or BetterMember Online Services has no parts in any of the sales or transactions. Accounts are only needed for the sellers or yard sale posters. Buyers need not apply. Happy browsing!

We use location services in order to better serve both our buyers and sellers. By giving them a local market to choose from.

$ocail $wap $hop credits are used to post a yard sale and items for sale. They are fairly inexpensive, and this only helps to keep the sellers a little more honest.

Hope you find what you are looking for below the price you were expecting to pay.

$ocial $wap $hop is a product of BetterMember Online Services


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